Hot Mamas

Season 2 Episode Three: Talking with Lucy Molina and Shaina Oliver

April 23, 2022
Hot Mamas
Season 2 Episode Three: Talking with Lucy Molina and Shaina Oliver
Show Notes

In this episode, host Sarah Spengeman talks with two EcoMadres, Lucy Molina and Shaina Oliver. EcoMadres is bringing Indigenous and Latina moms together to address issues of clean air, climate, and toxics that affect the health of children and families. 

Both Lucy and Shaina and their families live in the shadow of the Suncor Refinery located in Commerce City, Colorado.  For decades, the refinery has spewed toxic pollution that has severely impacted the predominantly Latino neighborhoods. Lucy and Shaina have spent years organizing the members of their community and standing up to Suncor on behalf of their children's right to breathe clean air and drink clean water.

In this episode, they share how they won a critical bill that will finally monitor three specific toxics from the refinery and how they're fighting for other climate justice policies in Colorado. They share what they have learned as they have fought alongside other mothers, what a just transition looks like, and what is giving them hope to keep at it.

For anyone who has wondered what environmental racism looks like from a first-hand perspective, this is a must-listen episode. 

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